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about the artist.

Using various media, I make medium to large sized semi-abstract paintings. Through bold textures and bright colors, I aim to capture the sense of motion and fluidity in my artworks, whether it is a group of cyclists racing down a road or swimmers cutting through the water. Often beginning with first layer using the color which allows me to connect with my emotion at that moment. I build up layers using big flat brushstrokes and scrapes, to reveal an inseparable relationship between motion and sound of the surroundings.


I am constantly trying to evolve as I absorb and reinterpret various aspects of Abstract Expressionism, getting inspired by gesture and layering techniques of the artists like Hans Hofmann, and contemporary artist Gerhard Richter. My paintings shift fluidly between abstraction and representation. By creating synergy between colors, layers, lines and shapes, the paintings emerge from my perspective, often aerial, establishing a link between the landscape’s reality and my imagination as a conceiver.

While my early works were focused on simple landscapes, which I created by closely observing the world around me. I strive to evolve by conveying emotions and moods more powerfully by combining colors and forms in unique ways, exploring different materials and techniques to create layers of depth, texture, and visual complexity.

Gallery Displays

  • Renaissance Gallery, Bangalore; 2012

  • Affordable Art Fair (AAF) Singapore with The Gnani Arts; 2012

  • Ion Orchard Gallery with Gnani Arts; 2013

  • Art Expo Malaysia; 2013

  • Protsahan Charity exhibition at Goodman Arts Centre; 2014

  • Art Expo Malaysia; 2014

  • AAAF Singapore with Cabaleiro Art and Atelier; 2015

  • AAF Singapore with Cabaleiro Art and Atelier; 2015

  • Swiss Club display; 2016

  • The Substation with Cabaleiro Art and Atelier; 2019

  • Online Charity Exhibition with Gnani Arts Singapore; 2021

  • Atelier5 collective display at Grids Coffee, Chinatown; 2022

  • Charity Art Auction by Hotlotz Singapore for the Ukraine Aid; March 2022

  • Group exhibition at Hollandse Club with Flipping Creative Women; 2022

  • Group Exhibition at Studio Fine Art Gallery, Singapore; 2022

  • AAF Singapore with Studio Fine Art Gallery; Nov 2022

  • Group exhibition at Ion Orchard Gallery with Beone Art Gallery; Apr 2023

  • Group exhibition ‘Homeland’ at Maya Gallery Singapore; Aug 2023

  • Group exhibition by Women Artist Association Singapore at Chui Huey Lim Club; Aug 2023

  • Upcoming Affordable Art Fair Singapore; Nov 2023



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